13 July, 2024

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Diplomas and Degrees



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Upto 32nd Convocaton:   1. Unclaimed Diplomas/Degrees                        2. Returned Diplomas/Degrees 


33rd Convocation:            1Returned Diplomas/Degrees                          2. Diplomas/Degree not received from IGNOU, New Delhi   

                                            3. Speed Post 

Degree/Diploma certificate dispatched status (August-2022 onwards) :   1st    2nd    3rd   4th   5th    6th   07th   08th  09th  10th  11th  12th  13th  14th  15th  16th  17th  18th  19th  20th  21st  22nd  23rd  24th

Online Registration for Degree Delivery Portal (awarded Degree/Diploma in Convocation 20th to 36th)

Online Registration Link for 37th Convocationnew

The fee charged by our University for the degree/diploma certificates for the different convocations are as under :--

1.   19th Convocation                       Rs. 200/-   per certificate
2.   20th Convocation                       Rs. 300/-   per certificate
3.   21st to 23rd Convocation           Rs. 350/-   per certificate
4.   24th to 29th Convocation           Rs. 400/-   per certificate
5.   30th Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate
6.   31st Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate
7.   32nd Convocation*                     Rs. 600/-   per certificate
8.   33rd Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate
9.   34th Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate
10. 35th Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate
11. 36th Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate 
12. 37th Convocation*                      Rs. 600/-   per certificate 

*: Ph.D/ M.Phil/ Master Degree/Bachelor Degree/ PG Diploma/ Diploma programmes = Rs.600/-
    PG Certificate/ Certificate programmes = Rs. 200/-

PS: Students of MBA (Students registered upto July, 2017 batch), MCA and M.COM, etc. are required to remit registration fee @Rs.600/- per certificate. Students have to take all the certificates, if they have qualified for more than one module of the Programme paying Rs.600/- each..
1. Demand Draft in Favour of : IGNOU Payable at : Karnal
2. To Collect Diploma / Degree bring your original student I-Card with Demand Draft