13 July, 2024

Regional Centre

  • Enrolment increased @25%
  • LSC Network has expended across the region
  • 3 Gold Medalist in 25th & 26th Convocations from RC Chandigarh
  • Weekend Saturday dedicated for Learners grievances a Successful exercise
  • Timely distribution SLM to all learners
  • Employment generated in BSCHOT, MSc(DFSM), PGDHHM, PGDCC, DCCN Programmes
  • Conducted Coordinators Meeting.
  • Organised Orientation programme for Counsellors
  • Visited SCS/PCS on regular basis
  • Initiated an intensive publicity and promotional activities in the region and also prepared the literature for publicity.
  • Sought co-operation from local mass media including AIR stations in the region.