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30 August, 2023

Promotional Video'sPromotional Videos

1. Instructional Video for Submission of ONLINE Admission form in IGNOU
3. IGNOU: The Learner Friendly University
4. Lab Techniques: Course From IGNOU
5. Online Programmes of IGNOU
6. Programme on offer at SOET
7. Diploma in Event Management From IGNOU
8. School of Continuing Education- Programmes on Offer
9. Certificate in Apparel Merchandising From IGNOU
10. Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media (PGDEME) from IGNOU
11. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from IGNOU
12. Lead with a Difference - 1
13. Colors of SOPVA
14. PG Diploma in American Literature (PGDAML)
15. Programmes of School of Humanities
16. Certificate Programme in Functional English (CFE)
17. MA English from IGNOU
18. Diploma in Creative Writing in English from IGNOU
19. BA (HONS.) English
20. Orientation of Research Courses
21. Certificate In Mobile Application Development From IGNOU
22. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from IGNOU
23. Master of Arts in Education From IGNOU
24. Master of Arts in Adult Education From IGNOU
25. MA in Environmental and Occupational Health From IGNOU
26. M A in Journalism and Mass Communication (Tamil)
27. SOTST Programmes

28. Certificate Programme in Gender & Science (CGSCI) from IGNOU
Link: https://youtu.be/8Oa5fGZiGm4 

29. Certificate in Gender, Agriculture and Sustainable Development (CGAS) from IGNOU
Link: https://youtu.be/TF5EzCQBq10

30. Certificate Programme in Gender in Law (CGSL) from IGNOU
31. School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS)- IGNOU
32. Promotional video- M.Sc. in Physics from IGNOU